211MD United Way Helpline is a number that people can dial statewide and get connected to health and human services. Every year we talk to over 110,000 people about where they can find help with things like housing, utility bills, healthcare, food, etc. We want to give people the tools they need to be successful and empower them to work towards financial stability.

Last year we talked with over 12,000 people about how to find food in their communities. We are so thankful that we have the opportunity to partner with Baltimore Hunger Project as we are both serving similar populations in ways that are forward thinking and best practice. We believe that if a person is struggling with food insecurity, they are likely worried about other things going on in their household and may benefit from other services. Thanks to our partnership we are able to proactively reach out to the families Baltimore Hunger Project serves. In each food bag information about eviction prevention, healthcare, mental health, and utility assistance services are provided. Those families now have food for today and are armed with information about preventative services to help stop possible future crises.

The work between 211MD United Way Helpline and Baltimore Hunger Project is a perfect marriage of programmatic partnership as it furthers both of our missions and ultimately more efficiently serves our community.