Arbor Initiative is a local student organization based in Baltimore, aiming to help underprivileged students in Baltimore with sustainable resources. Established in the summer of 2020, Arbor Initiative has partnered with over 15 different schools and nonprofits and donated over 5000 books to children in need.

In 2021 Arbor Initiative wants to continue with the work they have been doing in the past year, and hopefully establish a closer relationship with the students and families that need resources.

Arbor Initiative launched when a group of Dulaney High School students, Aaron Ren, Michelle Wang, Erica Wang, Maddie McGinley, and Kyle Kennedy had the idea of aiding community members that were struggling during the pandemic. With this thought in mind, they came up with the proposal to help students that had a lack of educational resources which was further exacerbated by the pandemic.

The most recent program Arbor Initiative has been doing is Books for Baltimore, the organization has been providing schools and different organizations books to donate to children, donated from schools, homes, businesses, and other nonprofits. The organization is planning on continuing their work and starting other programs that could benefit the community.