Our team at D’Amore Personal Injury Law are active members of the Baltimore community. We are always looking for great opportunities to give back to the communities we serve. With the hunger crisis in our own city, it was impossible for us to sit still when we knew we could do something about it.

Because children are the future and we know they’re able to succeed, we wanted to lift the weight of having to find a way to survive off of their shoulders. That’s why we first partnered with the Baltimore Hunger Project in 2017 (an organization that is near and dear to our hearts) and provided volunteers to package food as well as pledging to fund meals for the school year for 25 elementary school children. That’s also why we’re partnering with them again this fall.

Food insecurity is such a large issue that not only impacts the children and their families but the community at large. We knew we had to lend a helping hand in solving this crisis because it’s unfair to expect children to learn, be alert, and ready to participate if they are hungry. Providing meals for children means that they can receive the proper nutrition in order to be mentally prepared for the day. Also, it’s the least that anyone can do, and it’s extremely easy as well.

The Baltimore Hunger Project makes it simple and inexpensive to donate time and resources to their organization. They provide several opportunities for businesses and individuals to support their main goal of eliminating child hunger in Baltimore:

  • Donate: $5 feeds a child for the weekend, $25 feeds a child for the month, and $50 feeds two children for a month.
  • Sponsor a student: If you sponsor one or two students, you can personally ensure they are fed for the entire school year.
  • Volunteer your time: Baltimore Hunger Project is 100% volunteer-run. Whether you can pick up food deliveries, pack up food, or participate in outreach events, there’s always something you can do to commit your time to this outstanding organization.
  • Spread awareness by word-of-mouth: Simply following the Baltimore Hunger Project on their social media and sharing their posts can help spread awareness of this hunger crisis and help them get new volunteers.

Baltimore Hunger Project needs more than just our law firm to commit time and resources to help eliminate child hunger. For a crisis like this, every dime and every helping hand truly counts.

Paul D’Amore

Managing Attorney

D’Amore Personal Injury Law, LLC