This past week Fireline employees participated in an annual “volunteer day” stuffing weekend food bags for Baltimore Hunger Project, a non-profit organization that helps feed food insecure children in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Many students that receive free school meals count on these meals as their most reliable source of nourishment.  The rest of the time there is uncertainty of what or when the next meal will be.  This is a reality for 8 out of 10 students in Baltimore City and more than half in Baltimore County. This time between Monday and Friday has been called “The Hunger Gap”.  Students who go without reliable and nutritious meals on the weekend are at a disadvantage in school.  Hunger can greatly affect a growing mind.

Baltimore Hunger Project bridges this “hunger gap” by providing students with weekend food bags.  These bags are given to students identified as food insecure and contain nourishing food as well as a motivational note that helps to encourage these children and support them both physically and mentally.

Fireline was excited to be able to participate in their second food packing event.  By moving the process outside and putting various safety measures in place it was very easy to hold this event in a safe manner during these uncertain times.  Fireline employees gathered to build boxes, stuff food bags, and write motivational notes.  Last year Fireline completed 480 bags in under an hour.  Proud of the efficiency and out to beat their own record, employees managed to pack 500 food bags in just 40 minutes this year.  “Next year and will likely double the effort,” says Fireline President Anna Gavin, “It’s a great event.  Not only do we get to contribute to an impactful local organization, but the food packing is a great team-building experience.  Everyone has a lot of fun talking and working the assembly line.  We all leave at the end of the day feeling like we really made a difference.”

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Guest Blogger: Anna Gavin, President of Fireline Corporation