Kasey Caruther’s has done it again…

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!!! I can feel fall coming. A leaf hit my car on the drive to school yesterday and I was like “YAAAASSSS!” for two reasons. One, I look better in a coat than in a swimsuit. Two, IT’S TIME FOR GIVE SOMETHING, GET SOMETHING 2018!!!

How it works:
This is GS, GS FOURTH year and I am so over the moon excited to get it going! For anyone interested, Give Something Get Something is a 100% charity photo drive. You send over a minimum donation of $50 to Baltimore Hunger Project (there are no max donations, so go nuts!), send a screenshot of the receipt to me via email or messenger, and then pick the time you want to meet me to take photos of you, your family, your kids, your pets, or a family you want to donate a session to. We meet, we have 20 minutes of fun taking photos, and then you get 5 edited images emailed to you within two weeks.

Why we do it:
I happen to love the work that BHP is doing. This was a big idea started by a tiny lady! Lynne had a vision and followed through, and now 450 food insecure kids in Baltimore City and County go home with a pack of food each weekend in the school year. AND THE NEED FOR MORE IS STILL GROWING! Right here in our communities, there are still MANY kids who are unsure if they’ll have anything to eat from the cafeteria lunch on Friday to the cafeteria breakfast on Monday. The research out there that shows the statistics for kids who face hunger over the weekend is staggering. When I heard what Lynne was doing through BHP it felt like a no-brainer. That helping our kids in our city felt like the right way to go. I’m proud to help support BHP’s mission again this year to help put an end to childhood hunger in Baltimore.

My hope is that as we get closer the weather is beautiful and I can open up Sunday afternoons, but for now they are all the rain dates for the Saturday sessions.

A big, giant THANK YOU for joining in on this! If it were just me, the impact would be small, but all of us together can help make a real difference for some kids in our town.