Black Ankle Vineyards is paving blocks to support the Baltimore Hunger Project. In light of recent protests and the pandemic, they believe the first step in leading society in a positive direction is addressing child food insecurity. Indeed, families benefiting from the Baltimore Hunger Project’s efforts have demonstrated the intersectionality of socioeconomic issues. The pandemic revealed evident disproportionate effects on families in poverty and the African American community. Efforts made by organizations such as Black Ankle Vineyards have an immense impact on how many extra meals can be provided to those who need it most.

Individuals who forward their receipts of Baltimore Hunger Project donations to Zoe ( can pave their own Black Ankle Patio blocks. The blocks can be marked by their team or in person with either a simple image, your name, or initials. $100 donations receive a small block (3 letter max), $200 donations receive a medium block   (5 letter max), and $300 donations receive the largest blocks (8 letter max).

The deadline to submit donation receipts is Saturday, July 4th.

June 18, 2020.