Hoopla Hospitality, the creation of award-winning Chef Chad Gauss of The Food Market, La Food Marketa, Hoopla Catering & Quality Snowballs, along with his team of chefs and creative minds, is all about top-notch service, flavorful fun, and support for the Baltimore community. Hoopla looks to lift up and give back to their neighbors at every opportunity. We opt to take the budget most companies would reserve for marketing, and put it towards philanthropic support; donating our time, delicious food, and services to nonprofit events, block parties, and festivals in order to help local organizations and neighborhoods raise more money for their causes. 

Last month, La Food Marketa hosted its third annual Tacopalooza. The idea for Tacopalooza was developed in 2017 by La Food Marketa’s owner Chad Gauss and executive chef, Johntay Bedingfield. The two wanted to throw a party for the community, but with an element of giving back to Baltimore, something they both love to do. Gauss says the reason he hosts Tacopalooza “is so the community can experience joy and happiness. The giving back piece gives us (the company) fulfillment.” It’s a win – win.

This year, the Hoopla Hospitality team wanted Tacoplooza to benefit an organization that focused on food insecurity. After much discussion and research, the beneficiary chosen was Baltimore Hunger Project, a grassroots organization, founded by Baltimore native Lynne B. Kahn. As their website states, “Baltimore Hunger Project is dedicated to eliminating the growing problem of weekend childhood hunger by feeding bodies and minds. We are bridging the gap between Friday and Monday by consistently providing weekend food packages to children identified as food insecure, in a compassionate and dignified manner. We raise awareness about the effects of hunger by establishing partnerships with community members, other organizations, and decision makers.” Kahn says “I was excited and honored Baltimore Hunger Project was selected as the beneficiary of La Food Marketa’s 3rd annual Tacopalooza. By highlighting our work and its impact in our community, it will bring greater awareness to the growing problem of weekend childhood hunger. It will also give us the opportunity to increase our support for the coming school year. We are so grateful!”

Due to the success of Tacopalooza and generous donations from our partners and vendors, La Food Marketa was able make a significant donation to Baltimore Hunger Project. We were able to add seven more children to the distribution list and spread 350 additional weekend food bags throughout our community!