On October 12th, the Baltimore Hunger Project received a powerful boost in its ongoing mission to combat childhood hunger.

Joining Forces for a Worthy Cause

H&S Bakery and Lallemand Baking, two industry leaders known for their commitment to quality and community support, combined their efforts to make a significant impact on the lives of food-insecure families in the Baltimore community.

This collaboration saw team members from both companies come together at the Baltimore Hunger Project, where they worked with joy and enthusiasm to assemble weekend food packages, contributing greatly to the well-being of local children in need.

H&S Bakery’s profound generosity

H&S Bakery, renowned for its fresh, high-quality bread, made a significant commitment to this noble cause by pledging to donate 500 loaves of bread to our school pantries.

H&S Bakery’s dedication to our cause goes beyond this recent generous pledge. Throughout the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, they demonstrated unwavering support by donating loaves of bread weekly. We are extremely grateful for their steadfast commitment as it provides countless families across the greater Baltimore area a sense of security.

H&S Bakery’s commitment to social responsibility extends far and wide, benefiting numerous charitable organizations and exemplifying the spirit of giving back. We encourage you to visit their website to explore the numerous endeavors they undertake In The Community.

A big thank you to Lallemand!

We are deeply grateful for the tremendous support of Lallemand Baking, a company recognized for its innovative baking solutions. They played a crucial role in this initiative, contributing to the purchase of essential food items that are included in our weekend food packages.

This support not only showcased their dedication to the community but also exemplified the idea that it takes a village to combat childhood hunger effectively.

By combining resources, expertise, and a shared commitment to alleviating childhood hunger, these two remarkable companies are setting an inspiring example for our community and beyond. The positive impact of this partnership was immediately felt in the Baltimore community, as children received nutritious and sustaining food packages.

Thank you!

The coming together of H&S Bakery and Lallemand Baking to support the Baltimore Hunger Project is a heartwarming testament to the differences that can be made when we prioritize community well-being.

The Baltimore Hunger Project and its partners are working joyfully and passionately to create a brighter, hunger-free future for children in their community. With compassionate collaborations like these, we continue to take meaningful steps toward building a world where no child goes to bed hungry.