Even though we are more distant than ever, it is especially important at times like this that we come together. While the meaning of together has evolved, I have always found passion in bringing people together through fitness.

This June, I challenged the people in my network, friends, family, and more, to run 50 miles throughout the month. For added motivation I vowed to donate a dollar for every person that completed their 50 to the Baltimore Hunger Project. Over 100 people accepted the challenge with Vows of their own. Others just donated to support a good cause.

I chose Baltimore Hunger Project because they encompass my passion of a community striving to help each other, to make the community a better place for all. The impact they have on the lives they effect is significant and something I wanted to be a part of. I was able to witness firsthand the breadth of the operation.

Together we raised just short of $2,000 to help in the fight eliminating childhood hunger! With over 60 individuals completing 50 miles for the month. It was truly amazing to see people come together for a great cause, and for fitness.

Until next time!

Stronger Together.

Stay Positive.

Sean Matthews