Followers of this blog are well aware that childhood hunger remains a major problem in the U.S. One in six American children may not know where their next meal is coming from. As we’ve read here, hunger makes it harder for children to learn and often leads to more health related, developmental and behavioral problems. Worse still, too often when that meal does arrive its lacking in nutrition. This dual problem of food and nutrition insecurity is much larger than many realize. Poor nutrition is the leading cause of illnesses in the US. Additionally, poor nutrition makes lower income children more susceptible to diseases. We’ve seen the health risks associated with COVID-19 magnified by these underlying issues. This negative feedback loop compounds the challenges of racial inequality in our country. 

Children (and adults) with pre-existing health issues have more serious challenges with the coronavirus and early data is showing that obesity greatly increases the risks of the disease. These larger issues of hunger and poor nutrition will live on past a COVID and its potential vaccine. We feel the importance and urgency of acting now, during this “opportunity” to create real, lasting change.


That’s why RIND Snacks launched our Love is RIND Initiative on September 25 and chose the Baltimore Hunger Project as our first partner! Our prior experience with BHP included one large donation but was incredibly impactful and meaningful to our team. It inspired to us do more and be agents for positive change. Out of that experience, Love is RIND was born, designed to be part of the solution to combat nutrition insecurity and racial injustice. Love Is Rind has expanded RIND Snack’s original mission – to shed a light on healthier, more responsible snacking and to help educate consumers that they can both snack better and do better by eating the nutrient dense skin of the fruit, rather than discarding it. 

Through Love is RIND we now seek to provide our nutritious snacks to children who need it most and also to educate these children on the importance of healthy and nutritious eating. 

“We are thrilled to be launching our Love is RIND initiative with BHP as our partner. Since getting to know Lynne and the team earlier this year, we have greatly admired the positive impact they are making in local communities.  We look forward to working closely with BHP to combat childhood hunger and nutrition insecurity,” said Founder, Matt Weiss

Through the Love is RIND Project we’ll provide nutrition assistance to children who need it most. This will enable us to address food security and nutrition security through better access to our all-natural products. 

Love Is RIND is now working weekly with BHP to sponsor the Padonia International Elementary School to distribute our highly nutritious snacks to its needy students. We believe it’s critically important to provide lasting nutritional security for children. We strive to build lasting relationships with these communities and hopefully create enduring change.  

Baltimore Hunger Project Lynne B. Kahn remarked on the September 25 kickoff event, “I was grateful to share our food distribution with RIND Snacks – it was a powerful experience. There were smiles all around, especially from Co-Founders Ben and Matt as they were handing out their snacks!”

RIND Snacks Co-Founder Ben Cohn agreed about the event, “We’re grateful that we were able to be in Baltimore for the kickoff event at Padonia Elementary. It was incredibly moving to see and be a part of the great work that BHP does and we look forward to our next opportunity to get back down for a weekend distribution.”

At RIND Snacks, we’re committed to using our all-natural, healthy snacks to help fight childhood hunger and nutrition insecurity. As our business grows we’ll adopt more schools and hold ourselves accountable to making a difference in all communities we serve. Until then, we look forward to serving the Padonia International Elementary School through BHP.

Andrew Buerger

Mid-Atlantic Marketing Director