Project Description

Helping from Home or Work:
Making Birthday Packs

Birthday Packs provide a family in need with a special treat and a chance to make memories. These packs are fun and easy to make, and bring a lot of joy to the people who receive them. Simply gather the items below, pack them in the cake pan, and cover with the lid. To deliver, please WRAP the covered pan in plastic wrap to seal, and place cardboard between every 2 Birthday Packs to prevent crushing. This final step is VERY important.

birthday pack supplies

Birthday Pack Dos and Don’ts

DO only purchase the items specified in the list above.
DO pack the items, cover with lid, and wrap in plastic.
DO choose items that are packaged by the manufacturer.
DO include a plastic spoon for snacks that cannot be eaten by hand.
DO drop-off your packs anytime Mon.-Thurs. from 9–4:30.

DON’T omit or substitute items in the pack.
DON’T create your own plate, napkin, or plasticware packs.
DON’T forget to WRAP the Birthday Packs in plastic to seal.

Share and Print PDF Version
Share and Print PDF Version
birthday pack fully packaged

Community Service Hours:

Shopping and prep = 30 minutes (max)
5 birthday kits = 1 hour of service

Birthday Pack Items
(include one of each):

9 x 13 cake pan, WITH LID
Box cake mix (any flavor)
8-pack plasticware
Birthday candles
8-pack party plates
20 party napkins
16 oz. bottle vegetable oil
Funfetti confetti frosting
Handmade or store bought Birthday card

Delivering Your Snack Bags:

Once completed, snack bags may be dropped off at our NEW location:

Baltimore Hunger Project
9596 Deereco Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093

We accept drop-offs anytime Monday-Thursday from 9–4:30.