Helping from Home or Work:
Making Snack Bags for Hungry Kids

Every week, Baltimore Hunger Project prepares and delivers more than 1,500 weekend meal bags to kids in the Baltimore region. We also need snack bags as an additional food supplement. Bags can be prepared off-site by volunteers and dropped off for distribution.

Choosing the Right Bag

Snacks should be placed in transparent gallon zip storage bags ONLY.

Buying and Packing the Snacks

There is a very specific formula to a snack bag:

1 small water bottle + 1 Goodie + 2 Healthy Snacks + 2 Protein Snacks

Please take a look at the list at right for snack ideas in each category. You may choose other snack items that are not on the list, however please choose only shelf stable, individually wrapped snack items. Your Content Goes Here

Community Service Hours

Shopping and prep = 30 min. (max) / 15 snack bags = 30 min. of service.

example snack bag

Snack Bag Dos and Don’ts

DO follow the formula above for the right mix of items in a bag.
DO place the snacks in gallon-sized zip-top storage bags ONLY.
DO choose snacks that are individually wrapped by the manufacturer.
DO include a plastic spoon for snacks that cannot be eaten by hand.
DO drop-off your bags anytime Monday-Thursday from 9–4:30.

DON’T create your own individual ziploc bags of snack foods.
DON’T choose delicate snacks that can smush/crumble too easily.
DON’T make/bake snack items. Snacks must be store bought.

Sample Goodies
(include one):

Rice Krispie Treat
Snack Cake (Twinkie, etc.)

Sample Healthy Snacks
(include two):

Applesauce (pouch only)
Kind Bars
Granola Bars
Cereal boxes/bowls
Fruit Snacks/Fruit Roll-ups
Wheat Thins
Teddy Grahams

Sample Protein Snacks
(include two):

Beef jerky
Peanut butter crackers
Cheese ‘n crackers
Trail Mix
Protein Bar

Delivering Your Snack Bags:

Once completed, snack bags may be dropped off at our NEW location:

Baltimore Hunger Project
9596 Deereco Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093

No need to tell us you’re coming—we accept drop-offs Mon-Thurs from 9–4:30. BHP volunteers will assist you upon arrival.