The pandemic has severely affected how some families will be taking on this coming academic year. With most schools opting to do an online-only option, it will become much harder for students to secure supplies and stay adequately prepared to learn. There is a dire need for supplies this back-to-school season. Families are already preoccupied worrying about where their next meals are coming from, how to pay the bills for this month, and other extraneous factors because of Covid-19. Baltimore Hunger Project has started their Annual School Supplies Drive in order to alleviate some of the burdens on the families affected by the pandemic. We compel you to consider donating to the drive, each and every donation takes the pressure off of families who already have so much to worry about. BHP is focused on aiding students who rely on school meals for nourishment throughout the week. Without adequate meals and school supplies, young children will be severely under-prepared to tackle online learning modules. In order to better their chances at success, we must take the initiative and help out when we can. Take a look at our prepared Amazon Wish List for this school supplies drive and donate if you are financially able to! Items range from the essentials (pencil and spiral notebooks), to fun games that hone critical-thinking skills (scrabble and playing cards). It is thanks to the generous donations of our supporters that we are able to continue doing what we do!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Maryland’s tax-free week, August 9-15.

Graphics Credit: Caroline Bates