Amazon generously presents BHP with a $10,000 gift, fostering a positive collaboration between the two community organizations!

Season of Giving: BHP & Amazon

As the holiday season unfolds, transforming our surroundings into a tapestry of warmth and joy, it’s heartening to witness how corporate giants like Amazon weave the spirit of generosity into the fabric of our local communities.

In a truly meaningful gesture, Amazon has extended a heartfelt contribution of $10,000 to the Baltimore Hunger Project. This remarkable gift is not just a donation, but a a promise for a brighter, hunger-free future for children across our Baltimore communities. 

Jake Williams, Amazon General Manager, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting impactful organizations. 

“At Amazon, we are customer obsessed. We think big, and we stand alongside our customers to help solve big issues. This includes supporting organizations that make a difference, like Baltimore Hunger Project,” Williams emphasized. “We believe it’s meaningful and impactful to give back locally, and we’ll continue to look for ways to be good neighbors.”

In the spirit of the season, let’s invite each other to reflect on the power of compassionate collaboration. Picture a world where every contribution, no matter how big or small, adds up to ensure no child faces hunger. 

As we celebrate the holidays, let acts of generosity like these remind us of the warmth and joy that come from giving. How will you contribute to spread that warmth in your neighborhood this season?