Donate and
keep a child from
going hungry

Solving poverty is a complex issue, but feeding Baltimore area children is not.

Make a difference and donate today. Help us discreetly provide students with nourishment for the weekend.

For $5 you can feed one child for the weekend
For $25 you can feed one child for the month
For $50 you can nourish two children for the month
Sponsor one student for the school year for as little as $200
Sponsor two students for just $400!

You can make your tax-deductible donation today in one of three ways:

  1. Click here to donate thru PayPal
  2. Mail your tax-deductible donation today to:
    Baltimore Hunger Project
    c/o Lynne B Kahn
    1829 Reisterstown Road, Suite 430
    Baltimore, Maryland 21208
  3. Designate your donation to BHP through your workplace’s giving portal with the United Way. Search for “Baltimore Hunger Project” or “8014” to add to your designated charities.
  4. Bookmark AmazonSmile so all eligible shopping will benefit BHP.