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Maralee Clark

Name: Maralee Clark

Member Since: 2021

City or Town in Which You Reside: Owings Mills, MD

Professional Background or Current Role: Retired Elementary School Principal, Baltimore County Public Schools

In what ways are you connected to the community? (grew up, currently reside, high school/college, etc.) Baltimore County has always been my home except for two years spent in England when I attended The London School of Economics and married a British citizen. I attended Owings Mills Elementary and purposely started my teaching career there as a way to positively impact my own community.

I am very proud to have served for 27 years as a classroom teacher, resource teacher, assistant principal and principal successfully opening two new Baltimore County elementary schools in the northwest area.

Prior to embarking on my educational career, I worked in the business sector for 11 years. Giving back to my community and finding opportunities to be a change agent have played an important role in my life.

Please provide your testimony by sharing either why you wanted to be a member of the BHP Board or what it is about the BHP that makes you so passionate.

As a former public school educator, I understand the complex nature of how food insecurity impacts children and their families. While I was a principal, I enjoyed partnering with Baltimore Hunger Project witnessing first-hand how the weekend food packages not only satisfy basic needs but also bring joy, comfort and hope consistently and discreetly to the boys and girls. Baltimore Hunger Project’s mission and values inspires me to actively participate alongside our community with this much needed support which directly benefits our children who must deal with the daily challenges of childhood hunger.

Without volunteers, there is no Baltimore Hunger Project.